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April 19, 2022 Update

At their meeting of April 19, 2022, Bracebridge’s General Committee directed staff to prepared an Interim Control By-law for consideration at the next Council meeting to be held on April 27, 2022. To view this meeting and details follow this link. The staff report and agenda from April 19, 2022 is found at this link under Item 7.1.

The Interim Control By-law would “freeze” the creation of any new Short Term Rentals throughout the community; and would take effect the day the by-law is passed by Town Council. Additionally, if passed by Council on April 27, 2022, the Town will establish a Registry of existing Short Term Rentals to support the review activities directed by Council. These initiatives have been approved to support the concerns raised to Council over these types of operations in the community.

Since November, 2021, Council has been reviewing options for regulation of Short Term Rentals. Details of the project are included on the Engage Bracebridge website at

Short Term Rentals have been defined as follows:

“The use of a dwelling unit or mobile home or any part of the foregoing as a place of temporary human habitation, lodging or occupancy under authority of a concession, permit, lease, licence, rental agreement or similar commercial arrangement authorizing such temporary habitation, lodging or occupancy for a period equal to or less than twenty-eight (28) consecutive calendar days. For the purpose of this By-law the definition of “Short Term Rental Accommodation” does not include a Bed and Breakfast Establishment as defined in By-law 2016-088, as amended.”

This does not apply to motels, hotels, bed and breakfast establishments, hospitals, or similar commercial or institutional uses which are defined separately in the Town’s Zoning By-law.

An interim control by-law is a tool available to Ontario municipalities, in accordance with the Planning Act. It allows for an opportunity to place a temporary pause on development of certain lands while a municipality studies or reviews land-use policies.

It is expected that the by-law will be in effect for at least a year while town staff complete a study related to short-term rental accommodation uses within residential areas across the municipality. Based on the outcomes of the study, the Town is expected to establish Official Plan policies and Zoning regulations, as well as a comprehensive licensing program, for Short Term Rental accommodations. It should be noted that the municipality has the ability under this legislation to extend the “freeze” for an additional year if the study work is not completed.

From an investor perspective, the Town cannot confirm where the use would be permitted, nor specify any land use requirements that would allow the use until the Interim Control By-law is lifted with new zoning regulations put in place.

Specific questions related to land use can be directed to Cheryl Kelley, Director of Planning and Development

As the matter is scheduled for consideration at Council on Wednesday April 27, 2022, members of the public have a number of mechanisms available to provide feedback to Council in advance of their deliberations:

1. Communicate feedback directly with Members of Council via email or telephone. Contact information is available here:

2. Prepare communication (i.e. email, letter) and provide it directly to, Lori McDonald, Director of Corporate Services/Clerk no later than noon on Tuesday April 26, 2022 which will be distributed via the Town’s weekly Council Correspondence circulation – please note this is a public document and is circulated to Council, the media, etc., and will include any personal information contained in the correspondence.

3. Request to delegate (speak) at the Council Meeting on April 27, 2022, which begins at 6:00 p.m. The meeting is being held both in-person (in the Council Chambers) and electronically. Requests for delegation must be received by Lori McDonald, Director of Corporate Services/Clerk, no later than 3:30 p.m. on Monday April 25, 2022 in order to include you on the Council Agenda. Please provide your full legal name, address, email address, and phone number, together with the method under which you wish to delegate (in-person or via zoom). Delegates will be permitted a maximum of 10 minutes to make a verbal presentation to Council following which Council may ask questions of clarification. Groups representing 5 or more people will be permitted 15 minutes to speak. Additional instructions will be provided prior to the meeting.

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