Has Council approved building a pump track?

    No, Council has asked staff to determine the feasibility of building a pump track by gathering community input to determine if there is an interest in a pump track, reviewing site options, identifying challenges and solutions, and researching pump tracks in other communities.

    Have other communities built pump tracks?

    Pump tracks are starting to become as common as skateboard parks, the closet known pump track to Bracebridge is in Washago, Ontario.  Other examples of popular pump tracks include Uxbridge, Hamilton, Tillsonburg, and Toronto.  Additionally, pump tracks have  been around for some time in western Canada, examples include North Vancouver and Nanaimo, British Columbia. 

    What sites have been reviewed as possible locations for a pump track in Bracebridge?

    Ten locations were reviewed in consideration for a possible pump track including:

    • Mattamy Subdivision Parkland
    • Bracebridge Sportsplex Site
    • Porcupine Trails
    • Bracebridge Resource Management Trails
    • Monck Public School
    • Peake Fields at Verena Acres
    • Gibbs Road Cemetery Site
    • Bracebridge Memorial Arena/Skateboard Park Site
    • Multi-Use Community Centre Site
    • Parkland off of Douglas Drive and Little Ryan's Way

    Three locations were considered suitable: 

    1. Parkland off of Douglas Drive and Little Ryan's Way
    2. Multi-Use Community Centre Site
    3. Bracebridge Memorial Arena/Skateboard Park Site

    Has there been any community consultation about the proposed pump track?

    Yes, there was an electronic Community Survey completed in October of 2019 with 279 responses and multiple neighbourhood surveys completed in November and December of 2019 with residents providing their feedback.

    Sport clubs, community groups, and local businesses were contacted to provided input into their level of interest for a pump track in Bracebridge.